How can you tell when a girl has an orgasm?

People (including girls) look, sound and act lots of different ways when they have an orgasm (or come/cum). There’s no secret sign or signal to look for. Instead of trying to guess whether a girl has had an orgasm, just ask!

An orgasm is usually the peak of sexual pleasure.

It’s when all the intense, tingly, feel-good sensations of sex (of any kind) come to a climax.  When someone has an orgasm, the muscles around their genitals involuntarily (meaning they can’t control it) contract, and their brain releases a flood of chemicals that make them feel really good. People with penises ejaculate semen, and some people with vaginas may ejaculate (or squirt).

Every body is different, and each orgasm is unique!  People may cry out, hold their breath, or breathe faster. Sometimes, people have small muscle spasms in their legs, hands or feet. This can look like shaking or shivering. Some orgasms are “big,” (like the peak of Mt. Everest), while others are smaller and subtler (like a rolling hill).

If you’re not sure if your partner had an orgasm, just ask!

This isn’t a big deal. Your partner will most likely appreciate you checking in. Talking about sex can feel awkward when you aren’t used to it, but practice makes perfect. Just avoid asking multiple times in a row, because this can make your partner feel like they’re being pressured to have an orgasm. Instead, try asking your partner how they want to be touched, whether what you’re doing together feels good, or what makes them orgasm. If sex is new, they may not know—and that’s ok!

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